Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective medium for targeting potential customers on the web or mobiles. Through e-mailers, you can target a specific audience and get the best possible results at minimum expenses. You can easily promote your company and its products & services without splurging money on cold calling, print advertising, and other offline marketing tools. Email marketing can be used for lead generation, reminders, promotions, news bulletins and more.

At Digi Trending, we strive hard to make optimum use of this marketing tactic to generate maximum profits for your business. We know how to build effective marketing campaigns which are innovative yet effective. Our experts work effortlessly to create the email proposition with fascinating designs and superior content so that the target audience stays hooked up. We offer a wide range of tools for planning, targeting and implementing high-volume email marketing campaigns. We will help you to design an email and its content, prepare the database, target the required audience. We can broadcast the email on the right platform; wherein it's more likely to be clicked by the consumers who find it helpful and valuable when in need.

What we can offer:

Automated E-mailers

It's an essential component in your email marketing campaign; wherein it allows you to send one-to-one messages to the customers. It is a powerful advertising automation tool that will connect to your audience, develop their loyalty towards you and boost your sales. It will help you to save your time and money as well.

Email Copywriting

It is one of the effective channels to market your evolving business. A good email copy will invite readers to take action once it is read by them. We have deployed some of the finest writers that will learn about your brand, do brainstorming and create a magnificent copy for it. Our spectacular email copies will help you to book higher profits.

Fully Executed Email Marketing

Our team of experts, fuel-in all their efforts and create a database of the specific target audience for a particular brand type. We conduct thorough research and analysis to determine the likes or dislikes, a specific interest of the consumer. Our fully executed email marketing process promises to create a great first impression on the audience.

Interactive Emailers

Email interactivity allows you to understand your audience & build trust amongst them. A good interaction will convert this potential opportunity into a sale. We draft some of the superb interactive e-mailers for our clients. When you push these interactive email to the customers, it will generate quick lead. It's a part of email marketing optimization.

Database generation

Companies spend more time and resources to create email addresses database. Our robust e-mail database generation techniques will help you to grow your database list by converting visitors into your customers. You can grab these potential subscribers or customers before they leave and design your website as per your experience with them.

Customer Relationship Management

A good customer relationship management (CRM) will help to streamline your businesses & boost the sales of your products or services. It will track the customer business data so that you can promote your products/services at the right time and in the right fashion. You can provide excellent customer service if you're already able to track the data and study it.