What is SEM? And here are six compelling reasons why clients should go for it.

Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is one of the essential marketing tools that can generate high traffic to your website. SEM is internet marketing wherein you pay and display your ads within search engines such as Google, Bing, and more. SEO will increase your organic search results, and you don’t have to pay anything for this. Experts used it as an umbrella term, and even SEO was a part of it. However, marketers have now distinct between SEO and SEM activities.

Under SEM, you make efficient use of paid ads for better and faster results in terms of brand visibility and generate higher ROI. You get instant results because you’re willing to shell out money to rank your advertisement at a higher position on Google, whereas SEO will be a medium-to-long-term goal. It takes a while to build trust and authority with the search engines to get a good ranking position. If you can play your SEM card wisely and carefully, you can yield some promising results for your clients.

Six compelling reasons why clients’ needs SEM in their marketing kitty:

Earn More Money

Experts say a business can earn a good amount of money against the investments done on ad words. When your ads are well positioned, you have a probable chance of getting clicks converted into cash. Those people who run an SEM campaign wisely know that it’s quite achievable. They exactly know what they have to do to achieve the desired results. SEM has the potential to give businesses and agencies more money through smart and witty marketing campaigns.

More Brand Awareness

SEM helps to build more awareness about your product or service. When people search for something related to your product or service, there is a higher chance of your ad displayed on top 2-3 positions. It has the potential to increase your brand awareness by around 60% to 65%. Even though you get clicks or not, but brand name will be visible, and thus, searchers may tend to click. Slowly, they will recognize your brand, URL, product, or service. They will click on it once they see their relevant search requirement meets with the advertisement.

Assures Traffic Consistency

You should get consistent web traffic to maintain your brand visibility and boost your sales. SEM provides visibility and meets sales; if you plan, and forecast your budget well. These search ads will help you generate consistent traffic for desired keywords. You can weed out the unwanted traffic coming to your sites. You can make use of SEM work in your favour when SEO or other marketing tools are not performing up to the mark.

Get Qualified Leads

You can vouch for getting the right traffic and quality leads through SEM activities. Under SEM, you can set demographic, customize the audience who would be in favor of your products or services. Engage them with your catchy ads and turn them into potential customers. Thus, the traffic you derive from search ads is more sorted and qualified compared to organic SEO activities. The negative keywords section will help you filter those unwanted users coming to your site. It improves your odds of converting into sales.

Know Search Intent

SEM will help you to understand the audience search intent. You can analyze the search ad campaign data and see which ads receive more clicks, and how many of them convert into successful leads. You will get to know what your customers are looking for. When you discover the intent, you can use the relevant keywords and improve your web traffic. You can optimize your cost per acquisitions and landing pages.

Amazing for Local Marketers

SEM is a great tool to drive web traffic and convert clicks to sales under any form of a budget. If you’re a local marketer, SEM plays a booming role for your products or services. In local marketing, you can quickly connect your business with the surrounding community. For instance, if people search for local business services, like “Best furniture stores near me” or “Free home delivery in Mumbai,’ the local marketers can connect to these queries through business listings and advertisements on the search engines. Local SEM ads will help a leg up for your business. Researchers say 65% to 70% of customers who search query online might visit the store or try your service within a day or two.

We hope you’ve made up your mind to tap the potential of SEM. Improve web traffic and achieve good sales now!