About Digi Trending

We are a leading digital marketing agency based in Mumbai, providing innovative digital marketing services to empower your brand digitally, improve it's positioning on search engines, and boost your sales.

We create digital campaigns that are bigger and better. We look to engage with our clients beyond the professional dimensions and digital agency relation, becoming a reliable partner for the people and brands we work with. We aim to develop a bond from digital to in-person.

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Why Work with Digi Trending?

We help brands to meet their customers by integrating web and mobile platform with creative marketing campaigns, SEO, PPC techniques, and quality-rich content. We can design an ROI based digital marketing campaign and branding campaign that will certainly generate leads and acquire potential customers across online or offline platforms.

We specialize in digital marketing with over 5+ years of core industry experience. We stretch our boundaries to deliver amazing results, so if you want to taste success online, you've come to the right place. We work with some of the sharpest brains in the industry.

Our Google-certified marketing team design campaigns that can win against all the odds. These digital experts work closely with you and your team to understand your business, its objectives, and goals. We deliver amazing results in time, and in the right style.

From SEO and content marketing to PPC and social media, we provide a 360-degree digital service for our clients. Our experts will make your campaign a great success! Under our digital umbrella, we hold a diverse and strong portfolio of renowned domestic and international brands. So, whether you're looking for a complete campaign, or need to get your ducks in a row, we can come up with an ideal solution for you.

At Digi Trending, we believe in one team, one set of goals. For us, your goals means our goals; your priorities means our priorities.

Get To Know Us Better

Our existence

Mr. Mahesh Wagh brought the company into existence in 2015 with the motto of 'Presenting the digital best for you'

Our Reach

We will make you feel our presence all over Mumbai. We aim to transform brands digitally and help achieve their marketing goals.

Our Rewards

We've won digital battles for our clients, and our robust digital campaigns have led the 'brand' emerge to be the winner.

Our Vision

We want to help our clients create better relationship with their audience and transform brands through memorable digital campaigns.

Our Clients

Our Testimonial

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